Our Journey

Dua Education and Welfare Trust’s (DEWT) evolution can be traced back to the late 90’s when a group of concerned individuals formed a charity to provide aid to the poverty-stricken inhabitants of South Asia’s largest slum – Orangi Town – located in the northwestern part of Karachi. The aim was to help alleviate poverty and improve the quality of life of people who were at the lower rung of the income ladder. Families were given monthly cash allowances, food rations, medical assistance, monetary help to meet education expenses, scholarships for higher studies, money for purchasing sewing machines or establishing small businesses, marriage grants for orphans, widows or deserving families, money for house repairs/ maintenance and construction, repayment of existing interest debt, funeral services and other ‘emergency’ assistance as needs arose.

However, with the passage of time and experience, we realized that though noble in itself, mere hand-outs were not the answer. People who relied on charity were not becoming independent and active agents of change in their own lives. With this realization, we evolved and reshaped our strategy.

Thus “Al Dua Association” was founded in 2010 under professional management and registered under the Social Welfare Agencies Ordinance of 1961 to bring about positive social change with a focus on contributing towards the welfare of society in different areas including education, special children’s education and training, welfare services and community awareness. In order to enhance our educational and welfare services; Al Dua association was converted into a trust called Dua Education and Welfare Trust (DEWT) in Feb 2017.

We decided to provide not only standard education but to offer a special center where DEWT can help create wholeness for children and youth with developmental disabilities through education, training and counseling program for mothers and their children, and therapeutic services so that they may be better understood. The ultimate goal was to help these children fully realize their potential, and to help them meaningfully participate in everyday life.