Dua Special Centre(DSC)


To provide opportunities for enhancing the socialization of children with special needs, through the strengthening of their abilities. We follow the motto – Think Abilities, See Possibilities.


DSC aims to provide an environment to its students, which aims to build their confidence and personality through the provision of inclusionary opportunities. We strive to raise our students in a manner in which they can start contributing to society positively.


DSC is a place where children receive individualized therapeutic intervention. We provide an environment where people of DSC and families of children can interact and support each other. By offering on-going training sessions to parents, we help their child to reach his or her full potential and become an active member of society. We focus on self-improvement issues, such as acquiring basic educational skills, personal health and hygiene, discipline and time management for these children with special needs.

Special Education

Our special educators provide consultation for academic, developmental, behavioral and learning difficulties and prepare IEPs (individual educational plans) for teachers according to each child’s specific needs.

Admission Criteria and Assessment

Children who are suspected to have or diagnosed with the following disorders are eligible for admission:

  1. Intellectual and development disability
  2. Autism spectrum disorder
  3. Learning difficulty
  4. Down syndrome
  5. Cerebral palsy
Age range Program
3 years to 10 years School
0 to 18 years Therapy


When a child steps in, his or her informal and formal assessments have been done by our qualified professionals in the following areas.

  1. Physical development
  2. Language and communication
  3. Learning difficulty
  4. Socialization
  5. Self-help skills


DSC emphasizes functional curriculum skills that are based on daily living skills; recreation, leisure and employment are incorporated into this specially designed curriculum.


We evaluate the progress of our students every month. Moreover, the evaluation is also conducted biannually, in which we assess child’s behavior, academic learning, independency, participation. When child achieves goals of IEPs then we proceed towards new goals.


DSC provides a safe, healthy and fun based learning environment. We have qualified and skilled professionals for providing quality therapy services such as physical therapy, speech therapy and occupational therapy. These therapies are provided as per the individual needs of each child, which are evaluated after proper assessment. Regular therapies are very useful in increasing their quality of life.

Physical Thearpy

At our center, a room is specially designed for our children to improve their level of physical abilities. Each child is assessed and evaluated on a regular basis by our therapist. Weekly sessions are allotted based on the needs of each student.

Occupation Therapy

Occupational therapy promotes a child’s independence, mastery, sense of self-worth and self confidence in their physical, emotional and psycho social development and exercise of practical life.

Speech and Language Therapy

Individual therapy sessions are designed for children to improve their communication skills. Therapist integrates therapy goals through application of different techniques. We use advanced tools like speech buddy.

Activities of Daliy Living

The activities of daily living are designed to benefit children in multiple ways. These activities are practiced constantly to make the child return to his expected level of physical and emotional involvement. We provide students; the opportunities to learn activities such as eating, cooking, serving meal, toilet training, personal hygiene and self-grooming etc. The aim of these opportunities is to help raise their living standards and to eventually allow them to become self-reliant individuals.

Sensory Integration

At our center, a well-equipped sensory integration room helps the child to explore numerous sensory experiences with a variety of auditory, visual, tactile, vestibular and proprioception activities.

Physical Trainings / Exercise

Physical training is provided which contributes towards child’s socialization, communication skills, confidence and sense of participation. It includes different sets of small exercises which are performed individually under the supervision of qualified professionals.

Art Work / Vocational Training

Vocational training includes cooking, bead work, computer skills, papermache, arts and crafts etc. Art work or painting activities are very appealing to these students. These fun based exercises give them reasons to smile. Children love painting and preparing abstract designs with the help of trainers. Paintings are also used as a fund generating tool. People show great interest in purchasing paintings and cards prepared by these cute children.

Social Activities

DSC engages the children in different social activities such as assembly, recess, circle time, parties and games. We promote an environment that encourages socialization.

Community Outreach

DSC provides the opportunity for field trips to different places such as the zoo, KPT, McDonald, Pharmaceutical Company etc. We also partner with other institutes and celebrate different events like Down syndrome day at SZABIST University, University of Karachi and Visit Fun Gala at Karachi Down syndrome Program. Every visit is planned and we inform the students before the visit. These types of activities boost children’s confidence level, and also reinforce these students display of appropriate behavior when he/she are shown a new situation.

Mother Empowerment Program

Workshops and training courses are arranged for parents from time to time. We have specially designed a “Mothers Training Program” to train mothers of such children to learn techniques on how to deal with such children with specific behavioral issues. We also provide a home based program so that they can continue specific tasks at home easily. Particular periodic counseling of parents in this regard is also an important factor. Our trainers engage parents on regular basis and arrange counseling sessions to overcome their social/family problems.

Professional Development

DSC conducts different training sessions like seminars and workshops for our professionals and paraprofessionals both in our premises and outside the premises in collaboration with other institutes / organizations.

Major Concerns & Salient Features of DSC

Dealing Multiple Disorders

DSC provide services to children with special abilities and needs (mostly suffering with neurological disorders and developmental delays) such as Autism, Cerebral Palsy (CP), Down Syndrome, Intellectual Developmental Disability (IDD) and Learning Difficulty (LD).

Early Intervention

Early intervention is very important for a child because as soon as we know and understand the problem, we can start working on its solution and can lead the child towards improvement. During this early care, the child develops all the key elements of emotional intelligence namely confidence, curiosity, purposefulness, self-control, the capacity to communicate and co-cooperativeness.

  • We specifically focus on early intervention, in therapies. Children are recommended to been rolled after birth if any physical problem exists. Therapy should be provided as soon as possible.
  • In schooling children enroll at the age of 3years. We introduce mainstream courses based on early childhood education (beginners, Prep 1 and 2) and modify these according to child’s abilities and needs.

Other Features

  • Free of cost training for deserving students.
  • Transportation Allowance for deserving students
  • Carpeted class rooms with state of the art facilities
  • Specially designed ‘sensory integration room
  • Individual therapy sessions for each student
  • Regular counseling sessions for parents (specially mothers)
  • Periodical Assessments of each child
  • Playing and Art activities
  • “Snooze Room” with TV and DVD player for watching cartoons and learning activities
  • Regular Training workshops for teachers/trainers.