Dua Academy


Dua Academy’s vision is to inspire, encourage, facilitate and impart quality education to all children irrespective of their social or familial backgrounds. We aim to emphatically induct the moral values and norms amongst the children.


The school aims to provide a broad and balanced curriculum and has high expectations of all its pupils. There is a strong emphasis placed on achieving high standards in all subject areas with co-curricular activities. We work for the holistic development of children for the bright future of our country

Core Values

  • Conducive learning environment
  • High expectations for all students and staff
  • A rigorous curriculum and fair assessments
  • Up to date resources, technology, and facilities (such as computer labs and a library) to support quality educational programs for our students
  • Activities beyond the curriculum that foster leadership, confidence and team work
  • Qualified staff and strong school leadership
  • Nazra Quran (tajweed with TPI)
  • Taleem ul Quran (Word to Word translation & light tafseer) for middle and high school
  • Remedial classes
  • ECED system
  • Character building

Academic Philosophy and Curriculum

We believe in the holistic development of children. Dua Academy provides children an environment that will promote their optimum development at a time when they are in a critical period of their development socially, physically, emotionally, and intellectually. While each of these areas of development are important, the child’s feeling of self-worth is most crucial and must underlie every aspect of their first school experience onwards.

We follow the National Curriculum and offer core and non-core subjects English, Urdu, Mathematics, General Science/Chemistry/Biology/Physics, Social studies/Pakistan Studies, Computer science, Islamiat, Nazra Qur’an, Taalemul Qur’an, Arts and crafts and character building.

Major Concerns

Dua Academy has a very clear vision for the school, with effective goals and objectives communicated on a regular basis to the staff, students, parents and community. Everyone in the school knows exactly what he or she is required to do on a daily basis in order to meet the institutional goals and objectives. This speaks to performance on every level.

We focus on professional development for teachers. This includes mentoring, delegation of tasks and additional responsibilities and formal in-house or external professional development courses. Teachers are accountable for their own performance.

Nazra Quran Education with Tajweed is a must for every Muslim student. TPI method is being used to improve Arabic accent. Teaching of Ahadith and their implementation in our daily life is a part of the core curriculum.

We use Technology (A/V aids) in the classroom for effective teaching and learning. Computer, Math and Science labs are also being used from ECED level.

Remedial classes are arranged to cater to individual differences. Students are taught individually to fill any gaps they might have in their learning.

Co-curricular activities have also the same importance like curricular activities. Debates, drama, quizzes, sports, and exhibitions are arranged to give exposure and to help students develop leadership skills.

Through character building Dua Academy stands as a School of Character by making a positive impact on the school environment, academics, and student behavior.

Admission/Assessment Policy

Any parents/guardian wishing to admit a child should first register for an admission test by completing the registration form at the school office. The office will issue an appointment card for the test and interview. The acceptance of registration does not in any way confirm or guarantee admission to our school. The admission is subject to going through an admission test and/or an interview and availability of the seat per section. The class for which a child is tested for is determined according to the child’s age written on their birth certificate. Please note that once the child is admitted, the date of birth can never be altered and no affidavits will be accepted in this regard. Admission will take place in Month of January and February

Class Levels

Levels Classes Age Subjects
Early Years Playgroup, Pre-Nursery Nursery, Kindergarten 2.5 to 4+ years English, Urdu, Mathematics, Islamiyat, General knowledge, ICT, Physical Education, Art, TPI, Character Building.
Primary Classes 1-2 5 to 6+ years English, Urdu, Mathematics, Islamiyat, General Science, Social Studies, ICT, Physical Education, Art, TPI, Character Building.
Primary Classes 3-5 7 to 9+ years English, Urdu, Mathematics, Islamiyat, General Science, Social Studies, ICT, Physical Education, Art, Taleemul Quran, Character Building.
Secondary Classes 6-7 10 to 12+ years English, Urdu, Mathematics, Islamiyat, General Science, Social studies, ICT, Physical Education, Art, Taleemul Quran, Character Building.
Secondary Classes 8-10 13 to 14+ years English, Mathematics, Urdu, Islamiyat, Pakistan Studies, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Computer Science, Physical Education, Taleemul Quran, Character Building.



Learning resource center is specifically designed to cater to early learners. There are learning areas where students and teachers can explore the resources for their learning. We have computers,LEDs, a vast collection of books and materials to support students learning.


The library is a resource room for teachers and students where they can avail resource materials that will help students become independent learners. The school library caters to differences inlearning and teaching styles through the provision of quality access to a wide range of curriculum resources, fiction and non-fiction etc.

Science lab

The academy has a well-equipped science lab which enhances teaching and learning by aiding in the understanding of several scientific theories through practical learning.

Computer lab

We offer a well-designed computer lab equipped with i3 computers and LCD monitors that are easier on the eyes, generate less heat, and consume less power thereby keeping the lab atmosphere safe and comfortable for children

Math lab

The math lab is a place where anyone can experiment and explore patterns and ideas. We have designed this unique facility for students and teachers to help them explore and test some of their ideas and beliefs about mathematics.

Audio visual room/Studio

The academy has an AV room where students and teachers can avail the benefits of the latest multimedia facilities. Also available is a smart board with an attached projector which makes learning a visual experience for students, helping students not only understands the material better, but also has increased retention.

ART club

Dua Academy offers a separate arts and crafts room where the creativity of students is nurtured with a wide variety of equipment so as to enhance their abilities and aesthetic sense.

Tuck shop

We have a small tuck shop to cater to teachers and students needs for food, snacks beverages and stationary items.

Professional development center

We have a structured program for teachers training and development, intended to help teachers and educators improve their professional knowledge, competency, skills and effectiveness.

Co-Curricular Activities

Children learn to take leading roles and acquire capabilities such as planning, organizing and executing activities through their involvement in co-curricular activities. Co-curricular activities include:

  • Drama Club
  • Sports Club
  • English Literary Society/Association
  • Urdu Literary Society/Association
  • Arts and Crafts Club
  • Debate Club
  • Student Run Newsletter
  • Environmental Group