Dua Welfare Services

DEWT’s Welfare Services aims to respond to the necessities of a variety of underprivileged people in the form of financial assistance.

Our premier and foremost focus is on the operation we set up in one of Karachi’s poorest slums by the name of Orangi Town, but other areas such as Nusrat Bhutto colony, Gulberg, Gulistan e Johar, Gulshan-e-maymaar, Shadman Town, Korangi, Lahore and Rahim Yaar Khan have also been areas of impact.

Dua Welfare Services programs reach out and help provide support to a wide range of individuals including but not limited to widows, orphans, elders, handicapped people, people in need of help with medical costs, and other large families with no means of financial income.

4 out of 10 (40%) Pakistanis are living in acute poverty

Dua Welfare Services program works to help lessen the growing number of people who live under the poverty line in Pakistan. We believe that through our efforts we can help spark a change in the living conditions of the people we are able to reach.

Verification of Beneficiaries

Over the past few years our operation has been set up in a way that allows for the continuous support of underprivileged families. However before providing any services, each individual in need of assistance is subject to a thorough verification process. During this process the individual’s background, living conditions, as well as other aspects are scrutinized.

Areas of Aid:

We provide aid through a variety of avenues, and by providing a variety of services. Some of our financial services include:

  • Monthly Ration: Financial support on monthly basis
  • Marriage grants: Providing financial grants to widows, orphans, and other deserving families that can’t afford to pay for the costs of a wedding.
  • Medicinal/Operational costs:Providing monetary assistance to people who can’t afford surgical procedures, or can’t pay for their pharmaceutical needs.
  • Educational grants: Helping pay children’s school tuitions and college tuitions so that they aren’t deprived of their necessary education.
  • Small business grants: We provide finances to help people buy items that will allow them to become self-sustaining in the long run. Examples of this include buying women sewing machines, or buying men carts so they can sell fruits, vegetables etc.
  • Maintenance/Home repair costs: We provide aid to widows and orphans who have household repair costs.
  • Existing Debt: Financial assistance for repaying existing debt especially interest based loans.
  • Funeral Expenses: Pay for funeral services which include coffin and burial site expenses.
  • Water Well:We regularly raise funds for helping to dig and establish wells for schools and underprivileged neighborhoods to establish a clean supply of water that is free of cost.

All of the services we provide are only possible due to the funds we receive from generous donors. Fundraising is our sole means of continuing the aid we provide, as well as expanding our services and thus we urge you to donate to us in any form possible. If you can’t support us financially, then please help us by spreading our message within your social circle.

Zakat/Sadqa/Fe Sabih ALLAH

All of the projects listed above are eligible for Zakat funds. We have a specific group of people tasked with ensuring that every new individual being added to our beneficiary list is indeed Zakat eligible. Thus we do accept your Zakat donations as well.