Message from Founder

Our country is beset by many problems today, which makes one sad, frustrated and almost overwhelmed by their enormity. But ALLAH has also endowed our nation with countless blessings, which Alhamdulillah far outweigh the problems.

The challenge before us today is not to dwell upon our misfortunes, and feel hopeless but to take positive action. One person alone cannot provide a solution for everything, but each one of us at least has the responsibility to do his or her share to the best of their abilities in the area of their expertise. Each person at the very least has the responsibility to help himself and better his own circumstances, and of those dependent on him.

One of the greatest assets of Pakistan is its people – Pakistan is fortunate to have a population whose majority consists of progressive youth with a lot of untapped potential. We must realize this fact and capitalize on it by educating them so that they can take charge of their own destiny and make use of the skills and expertise they acquire in the academic environment.

So, fellow citizens, I call upon you to take my hand, share my vision, and take a step to shape the future and destinies by YOURSELF!