By the grace of ALLAH Almighty, DEWT owns 4000 square yard piece of land in P&T society Karachi. Our dream is to construct an educational complex where we can provide quality education with main focus on character building up to higher secondary level. Project comprises of campuses for both Dua Academy and Dua special Centre with state of the art facilities. Construction and architectural plans for the new facility have already been developed and submitted in SBCA for approval. Estimated construction cost is around Twenty Million Rupees (Rs.20,000,000/-). We seek contribution from donors to donate a brick costing only Rs.500/-. One can donate as many bricks as possible for this project. It will be their continuous investment for life here and hereafter inshaALLAH.

Dua Academy

We aim to construct Dua Academy’s higher Secondary Campus for up to 1000 students at 1800 sq.yds land allotted in DEWT building project for this purpose. Project will offer state of the art facilities like spacious class rooms, Mathematics lab, Science Lab, Fully equipped computer lab, multi purpose area, LRC and Montessori area for beginners, Library, Play area, Audio Visual room with smart board etc. Nazra Taleem ul Quran with TPI approach, Specifically designed course on character building and emotional intelligence are already a hall mark of Dua Academy.


Dua Special Centre

Plan to construct a larger facility for Dua Special Centre for up to 200 children with special needs at 600 sq.yds land. The land will hold state of the art facilities like proper class rooms, Hydro therapy, music therapy, art therapy, vocational area, sensory garden, assessment rooms, and separate areas for speech, occupational and physical therapies. Indoor and outdoor exercise area, cooking and dining area. Building will have proper ramps and elevators for the safe mobility of students.