One of our service areas is rehabilitation of special children (mostly suffering with neurological disorders). We have qualified trainers and speech/occupational therapists for ongoing activities. We have specially designed a “Mothers Training Program” to train mothers of such children to learn techniques as how to deal with such children with specific behaviors. We have facilities like separate occupational therapy room, sensory integration room, separate room for physical activities/exercise etc. Currently, we are conducting these programs at Dua Special Centre

  • Mothers Empowerment Program
  • Therapy Program
  • Independent Program for different type of disabilities

Most of the students are very needy. We provide high-class training facilities (free of cost) Alhamdulillah and even arrange transport facilities. We provide milk for each child twice a week. Our training program covers many dimensions. We focus on the rehabilitation of children so that they will become independent and start enjoying their lives. Particular periodic counseling of parents in this regard is also an important factor. Our trainers engage parents on regular basis and arrange counseling sessions to overcome their social/family problems.

The individual training program covers a specific course planner for each student. Speech therapy and occupational therapy sessions are arranged as per requirement of child. Apart from that, our training program includes different techniques to get children trained on how to eat, how to groom, how to sit, how to react etc. We arrange different parties/gatherings so that children will interact and enjoy. This will help them in interacting with others back home.

Art work or painting activities are very appealing to the students. This fun based exercise gives them reasons to smile. Children love painting and prepare abstract paintings with the help of trainers. We use them as a fund raising tool through preparing ‘Greeting Cards’ and particular wall paintings which we usually sell in order to generate funds/donations. Our physiotherapy activities also helps in overall training of our children with specially designed equipments like; CP chairs, Standing frame, Parallel bar, Wedges, Exercise Cycle, Treadmill, and Swings.

Salient Features

  • Free of Cost training for deserving students
  • Transportation Allowance for deserving students
  • Qualified trainers and therapists
  • Carpeted Class Rooms with state of the are facilities
  • Specially designed ‘sensory integration room’
  • Individual therapy sessions for each student
  • Regular counseling sessions for parents (specially mothers)
  • Periodical Assessments of each child
  • Arrangement of different parties as fun based activities on regular basis
  • Playing and Art activities
  • “Snooze Room” with TV and DVD player for watching cartoons and learning activities
  • Regular Training workshops for teachers/trainers.